Teacher PD: Beyond Quick Fixes and Silver Bullets.

Much Teacher Professional Development (PD) course is similar to New Year’s resolutions; pinning our hopes on one radical change, one big step, or one grand gesture, hoping that this will be enough. But it rarely works because a month later we’ve given up. This begs the question, is there a better way? Last year IContinue reading “Teacher PD: Beyond Quick Fixes and Silver Bullets.”

Cognitive Load Theory: 5 Strategies You Can Implement Tomorrow

Write key information down When students are being asked to integrate multiple items of information which is not written down (transient information), not only do the students have to mentally manipulate the information in working memory, but they also have to hold each item of information in working memory too. With working memory restricted toContinue reading “Cognitive Load Theory: 5 Strategies You Can Implement Tomorrow”

A Teacher’s Guide to Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory is a model of how the human brain learns, and shows that that humans have a limited working memory for processing new information, but can process large amounts of information once it is stored in long-term memory. Below are downloadable resources for a presentation which introduces the basics of Cognitive Load Theory,Continue reading “A Teacher’s Guide to Cognitive Load Theory”

Creating Integrated Experiment Instructions

A complexity of teaching science is doing experiments in a way that maximises the learning gains of students. Generally speaking teachers have some specific learning outcomes from planned experiments, but these can be quickly lost as students experience cognitive overload from using unfamiliar equipment, reading unclear instructions, trying to remember the last set of verbalContinue reading “Creating Integrated Experiment Instructions”

A note about notes

I’ve been teaching for three full years now, and it feels like I’m starting to find my feet.  A least it feels like I have some head space to start and share some of the ways I have been reflecting and (hopefully) improving my teaching practice. After doing some reading about Cognitive Load Theory last yearContinue reading “A note about notes”